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You are agreeable to the following when purchasing from us;

1) Longer waiting time; Between 4 to 14 working days. 

2) No changes to paid order; We might miss out on requests after order has been made.

3) Individual boxes; Please indicate at comment box on check-out page before you confirm your order.

4) Limitation of Smartpac; Smartpac can only fit a certain number of boxes (eg, 5 individual roller boxes, 4 baby kits boxes or 1 big (containing 100ml bottle) + 1 small box (roller or small mist/balm). Therefore, if your order does not fit into the Smartpac, you might be asked to top up for additional Smartpac or Courier instead.

5) Shipping Method; Please select Courier/Door Delivery if you have a huge order (eg above $200) or if you require many individual packaging/boxes. We do not offer free delivery for huge orders during sales period. 

6) Discount code; If you did not input the discount code before checking out, we are unable to reverse the payment especially for PayPal payment mode. Please KEY IN BEFORE CHECKOUT.

7) Requests; Please input all requests into the comment box at checkout page before payment. This will help ease our process in looking through your requests before working on your order.

8) Urgent orders; We are unable to prioritise/fulfill orders quickly as our priorities are with our kids and home. Orders are all fulfilled based on a first come first serve basis and will still require between 4 to 14 working days during sales period. 

Last but not least, do check in with us at 97822822 before placing your orders if you are unsure or require further clarifications.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this! 

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