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***Take note that coloured bottles are out of stock permanently and will be replaced with regular amber bottles**

Since we started four years ago til today, I have had many mommas asking me if there was something they need to have on standby, to support baby through vaccinations. And I have always advised on getting these individual oils. I figured I should have done this earlier but it is never too late. I have put together a kit of oils that I personally use and always have around on standby for support whenever number three has her vaccinations. I wanted this kit to be convenient for mommas to access, similarly to a first aid kit at home. So the Oily Essentials kit contains the following; 1 x 10ml Fever Better Baby roller (to support fever bouts) 1 x 10ml Immunity Support Baby roller (to support baby's wellness) 1 x 10ml Counting Sheep Baby Roller (to calm and provide sleep support especially after crying through getting jabs) 1 x 50ml Kool Aid Mist (this is my play cheat shortcut when I don't want to sponge baby especially in the middle of the night, hehehe)


I am truly apologetic that I wont be able to offer the coloured bottles to all orders due to limited quantities of these coloured bottles. And therefore I will not be able to extend the coloured roller bottles after the first five orders. Tips: It is best to make payment via Paypal in order to secure your oily essentials kit as the website automatically reduces the stock whenever a successful paid transaction comes through.

Oily Essentials Kit

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