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We've done this oil blend previously and had given them as freebies during the month of May.

And we hear you and we want to make it a permanent offering on our webstore!


Liquid Sleep was initially concocted with mothers in mind, having minimal time to self whilst giving their best and all to the people around them. The idea is not to promote sleep but to promote self care, in the smallest way that we can within the busy-ness of our day to day routines.


At the end of each day, if we can just have a little oil blend to turn to, just to seek care for self in the smallest gesture, it would just make ourselves feel better, emotionally & mentally. It may not be much to many but sometimes, a little oil blend treat for ourselves is recognising the need to take care of self before being able to continue giving ourselves to others in our lives.


Did we mention that we've included Dried Lavender Buds in this as well?


Details of the Liquid Sleep here:

Grapeseed Oil Dried Lavender Buds, Lavender, Frankincense & Orange.

Handcrafted with love & care by the EFQ Fam.


Apply onto inner wrists, behind ears & neck, temples & inhale scent deeply.

Apply thirty minutes before naptime / bedtime & reapply again before sleep.

Liquid Sleep Roller Blend

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