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When I am lazy to sponge my kids through their fever bouts, I would usually oil them using the Fever Better, Baby balm and then, it struck me in my head that I could save my sleepy eyes in the middle of the night by having this handy spray next to my bed!


All I needed to do was to shake before use, spray onto my baby's head and massage into her scalp while my eyes are half asleep. HEHEHEHE. Yes, I play cheat. Sleep is important. But so is my baby. And the best part about using spray to support in cooling off the fever bouts is that it is way less messy compared to sponging or using a towel and a basin!


Plus, smells wayyyy goood. I've used the same oils in fever better, baby in this mist so yes, be prepared for a chilling chewing gum scent, aka spearmint! 


You know what would be good? To refridgerate this when not in use! And then use this as a body mist! Wah syiok! 



Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Non Alcohol Witch Hazel, Lemon, Spearmint & Lavender.


Shake before use. Spray onto baby's head, avoiding contact with eyes, and massage into scalp to support during fever bouts. 

KOOL Aid Spray

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