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I know this is lengthy, but please read so that we can avoid any misunderstanding and miscommunication on both ends.  Before we introduce these oils to you, we would like to reiterate that the use of essential oils are strictly not meant to diagnose, treat, medicate nor cure illnesses. Always be informed consumers & read up on essential oils if you are unsure what is the purpose of the use of essential oils. We have always been transparent in sharing what are the ingredients as we want to encourage informed consumers to read up on each individual oils so that you have a better understanding before purchasing. Else, you can also Whatsapp us at 97822822 if you have any queries. Do take note that we might take some time to reply amidst the chaos of our three kids with us. As parents, we have used essential oils to support our kids through their daily routines and that has helped us come to where we are today. Do our kids still fall sick? Yes. If their diet is filled with 70% junk food, or not drinking sufficient water, or exposed to constant dirt and dust. But, with consistent and daily use over the past 5 years, our kids' wellbeing have been seeing better days than the first two years of their lives. Therefore, when we concocted this set of essential oil blends, it is never meant to prevent kids from falling sick. We want our kids to be better supported through upcoming experiences of being vx because as an adult myself, I struggle with the effects of post vx. My vx area was extremely sore & I felt extreme lethargicness. Everyone's experience varies. But the only comfort I sought was having my oils near me so that I can just grab, apply, have a quick sniff and continue to lay in bed, feeling like I can get through that moment. And that is what we want for our own kids. We want to always have oils readily available to attend to them. We both struggle mentally with attending to our kids' needs on a daily basis, and therefore, I am already predicting how my 5 year old is going to react when it is her turn for her vx and how we are both going to be mentally and emotionally drained having to balance attending to their post vx needs and our other younger kid. Let’s face it; The post vx effects are going to happen regardless based on studies from CDC and MOH. I highly encourage every parent to read up on the side effects of post-vx for you to be mentally prepared in this journey with your child.  The severity of the side effects varies from child to child, person to person. This set of oils are concocted with our 5 year old & 8 year old in mind and therefore, for use for kids 5 years old and up. Here is my recommendations on how and when you can use these oils;Well Being - It is similar to our Immunity Support blend but of a stronger versionContains: grapeseed oil thieves oregano melaleuca lemon frankincense copaiba mandarin Start using even before vx date. Use minimally twice daily; after bathtime & at bedtime. Apply onto soles & spine. Use multiple times a day when child is ill. Recommended to use daily & consistently. Aches & Pains – This has always been on our blends of oils for kids. It is for growing pains & aching muscles.Contains: grapeseed oil lavender lemon juniper berry frankincense blue tansy sweet orange sweet marjoram petitgrain copaiba helichrysum Do not apply onto open wounds/injection site. Apply around it. Apply onto aching or/and growing pain areas & massage. Do not massage if the area is swelling. Sleep Tight - promotes relaxation for naptime & bedtimeContains: grapeseed oil lavender ylang ylang bergamot frankincense orange Apply & massage on body, neck, back & soles. Apply thirty minutes before naptime / bedtime & reapply again before sleep. If your child is feeling restless or cranky, you may apply on them as well. Head Ease – It is not recommended to use peppermint on kids so we’ve used Eucalyptus instead in this kids’ version.Contains: grapeseed oil eucalyptus lavender spearmint Roll onto temples, back of neck, chest & behind ears, inhale scent deeply & reapply whenever needed. You may also apply on your child’s chest to support nausea bouts. Last but not least, do take note that we do not keep these oils instock. They are all freshly prepared, order by order, from creating the labels, to printing to cutting to blending oils to packing. All done in house by this oily mama. So I am truly thankful for your understanding on the wait time. If you require this set urgently, please indicate the vx date at the comment box on checkout page before you confirm your order. I will message you if timeline is not able to be met. I also highly recommend self collection if you need yours urgently because during this year end period, courier delays are expected due to overwhelming orders everywhere. At the moment, this set is not available for personalisation to minimise processing time as much as possible. Questions? Whatsapp us at 97822822.Be kind and stay safe.

Kids Prep Kit

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