Momma EFQ fell so madly in love with this particular Woodland print mask sewned by Van that she knew she had to ask Van if she was keen to jump in on a collab!

Afterall, it has always been about supporting fellow small businesses instead of profiteering from them!


Therefore, we've put this kit together to help encourage all kiddos to put on a reusable, washable mask (because hey, we've gotta work on sustainability to save our planet) as well as encouraging the use of natural essential oil spray without nasties nor chemically mixed fragrances!


Each kit contains;

1 x Woodland Kids Mask (suitable for kids between 4 yrs - 8 yrs)

1 x 30ml Hey, Mask Up Spray (contains Thieves, Lemon, Orange, Sweet Marjoram, Aloe Vera Juice,  Non Alcohol Witch Hazel & Distilled Water)

Packed in a kraft box (makes this a perfect gift hor?)


Original value of the kit is $22

But we're giving back to consumers by selling the masks at the price that Van sold it to us as well as including a promo to the spray! This means that you're getting 21.8% discount off this kit instead!


This is such a great deal for us because we have always, always strived to keep everything as affordable as we can in order to allow everyone to enjoy awesome, handcrafted products without breaking the bank. 


To use spray, simply shake lightly and spray on the inner side of your mask.

Air dry your mask for a while before wearing.


This does not replace washing of masks. 

We highly recommend the regular washing of reusable masks after use. 


Woodland Print Kids Mask +Hey, Mask Up

S$22.00 Regular Price
S$17.20Sale Price