For the father in our lives, whether our partner or our father, this kit is crafted to provide our love for them through the benefits of each blend!


You may select having all three or individual blend!

Just add to cart individually - to prevent confusion.

If selecting more than 1 blend for the same individual, we will pack them together in a box.

For different individuals, we will pack separately.


Details of each blend is here:


Gentle Men - 30ml Pump

Retail Price: $24, After Discount: $20.40

This is a stache & beard serum to aid in promoting hair growth.


castor oil jojoba oil argan oil

vitamin e oil cedarwood peppermint

clove bud sweet orange melaleuca


After Shave - 30ml Spray

Retail Price: $18, After Discount: $15.30

This aids in moisturising, softening and closing of pores after shave and comes in the form of a spray. Easy to spritz and minimal mess.


vegetable glycerine oil, distilled water

aloe vera gel, witch hazel (non-alcohol),

melaleuca hydrosol

eucalyptus, peppermint


Arms Day - 30ml Pump

Retail Price: $33, After Discount: $28.05

This is our best-selling Muscle Relaxer which we've specially renamed for this father's day!


grapeseed oil

panaway rosemary wintergreen

black pepper peppermint clove


All of the name labels can be customised to include your partner's or father's name.

You may also customise the text for the box label.


There is already a 15% discount given for each blend without having to include any promo code.


All Father's Day orders will be sent via Qexpress Courier preferred between 16th to 18th June so that you will receive it timely.


If you have any questions, drop us a whatsapp text at 97822822 BEFORE ordering.


Father's Day Care Kit

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