We have assembled different care kits for your ease of purchase!

This Teacher's Day Care Kit contains the following;

1 x 10ml Roller Blend of Your Choice (usual price for these blends are from $12 - $15)

1 x Complimentary Name of Recipient on the Bottle Label

1 x Complimentary Short Message on the Bottle Label (we will try to fit in the text as nicely as we can)

1 x Complimentary Name of Recipient for Kraft Box 

1 x Complimentary Sign off Name for Bottle & Box Label

1 x Kraft Box to fit roller bottle individually


Let your creativity flow with your own short messages for your teachers!

Do take note that while we will try to fit in yr message on the bottle label, we will contact you if there are changes needed to be made.

All ingredients & instructions on how to use the roller will be printed on the individual roller label.

Colourful palette will be decided by us and will be randomly selected. Do trust us that all colour palettes are pretty. Otherwise, you may opt for monochrome palette (black fonts on white labels)


A personalised, thoughtful, handcrafted gift to show your appreciation for your children's teachers.


Do take note that each Smartpac can only fit a maximum of 4 individual roller kits.

Please opt for door delivery for bulk order or Whatsapp us at 97822822 before ordering. Thank you!

Teacher's Day Roller Blends