School's back and mommas, I feel you. We get a little anxious when we have to switch schools for our kids or when they're starting a new term or simply when the examinations is around the corner.


A kit of 2 rollers, Uplifting & Focus, to aid your child in their daily learning.

We recommend applying Uplifting after your child's morning shower and before they leave for school to promote a happier mood to go to school. Of course, I recommend pep-talking to your child as well about the delights of going to school to meet their friends and learn new things.


You can then pack Focus along for your child, but of course, do teach them how and when they can apply it. Example, when they're feeling sleepy, after recess or simply before a test/examination.


We've put together also a rubber roller holder (similar to those hand sanitiser holder) that you can attach to their school bag or pencil case for easy access. This also helps them to not lose their Focus roller easily. 


So guess who's going to be much calmer for school now? Yes, momma, you. Because you're doing well in prepping your kids for school now!

School Kit

Colour of Roller Holder