This year's curated Ramadhan Kit is based on essential oil blends that we love & find useful to have with us, whether we are at home or in the office or anywhere at all.


We have also introduced this limited edition blend just for Ramadhan;

1) 10ml Pray & Seek essential oil blend (Retails $15, contains Frankincense & Stress Away)


The 10ml Pray & Seek roller blend is perfect to apply as a naturel oil perfume on your wrists and neck, as a replacement of a typical minyak attar. This blend contains no alcohol nor preservatives, making it wudhu-friendly. A 10ml bottle means it is easy to carry with you to musollah, mosques and even when you wish to pray at your office or home. Oils selected in this blend are calming oils meant to focus on the here and now, promote mindfulness & focus in preparing for the call of prayer as well. 


This pray & seek roller blend is not only perfect for yourself, but as a thoughtful little gift to a girlfriend, a brother, a family member or any of your loved ones, whether it is for their birthday or to wish them well, this coming Ramadhan.


**This is for the purchase of a single roller blend.**

It does not come with anything else, but we will still pack it in a box. 


Thank you!



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