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As usual, we curate our yearly mother's day kit according to what's beneficial for mothers who sacrifice their time, blood & sweat just to raise kids and get stuff done around the home as well as at work. 

A lot of the time, mothers don't ask for much except for time off from chores or kids. 

The idea of wanting some personal space & freedom is actually easy to dream of but usually remains a dream, most of the time, especially when there is so much on the plates for mothers to deal with or many hats to wear and accomplish.


With that in mind, I wanted mothers to be able to enjoy this curated care kit even if they are around their kids but still able to craft out some of that personal time/space/freedom within the four walls of their home. In my mind, it had to be a care kit filled with practical, beneficial yet luxurious items that mothers can enjoy and destress after a long day at work or/and home.


Another aspect of this year's Mother's Day care kit that was very important for me is seeking sustainability. Sustainability is not the idea of rapidly changing our lifestyle to help save the environment but instead our sustainable effort, one at a time, to try reduce waste, and look into efforts to prolong usage of any products and materials, including packaging. 


With sustainability as my guiding effort in this year's care kit, we have done away with kraft paper boxes. Instead, we've packaged this all together such that every single item in the kit, is reusable and can be used either as a home decorative item or as a homeware or/and storage at home. 


Lastly, we still wanted to preserve some personalisation in our kit by working with @heavypetalsg to provide name customisation/personalisation on the mug. 


Here's what you/your wife/your mothers/your girlfriends will receive in this year's Mother's Day Self Care Kit;

1. A Round Black Rattan Basket (usable as a homedecor item after)

2. 2 x Tea Towel - prints vary randomly between lines or plaids (reusable in the kitchen or for the dining table)

3. 1 x 10cm by 15cm Frame with the printed Definition of a Mother (usable as a homedecor item after)

4.  1 x Mini Bouquet of Decorative Preserved Flower (as per picture & completely reusable as homedecor)

5. 1 x 30g BPA Free Jar of Butterfly Blue Pea Tea (known for so much benefits - you may refer below)

6. 1 x Brand New Glass Mug with Personalised Name done by @heavypetalsg (you may key in the name for the mug label in the box below)

7. 1 x Tea Strainer (usable over and over again)

8. 1 x 30ml "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" Face Serum packed with the most luxurious ingredients meant to aid with nourishing skin with no preservatives/chemicals (you may refer below for the ingredients - this retails for $35/30ml)

9. 1 x Mini Card that say Happy Mother's Day! (customisable with your message)


And as a part of my own intentions in celebrating mothers, I have also decided to give a complimentary (yes, free!) 10ml roller; "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.." which is made up of 100% therapeutic Lavender Essential Oil and grapeseed oil. This roller is meant to promote relaxation and can be used at any time of the day. Lavender Essential Oil is known to aid in many aspects such as emotional and mental health, cuts, tummy discomfort, nausea, head tensions and the list goes on. 


The entire retail value of this kit is $70.

But we're offering them at a 20% discount, because we truly believe in providing quality at the best affordable price that we can. No code is needed as the discounted price is already reflected!


So that's 10 items in our 2021 Mother's Day Self Care Kit!

It is ideal as a gift to ourselves as well as from our husbands or to our girlfriends and mothers. 

We hope this kit will be the best that we've done so far for mothers, everywhere and that it suits the needs of any mothers that seeks that private time and space to themselves for the sake of their sanity. 


Below are the benefits of Butterfly Blue Pea Tea and that is why we've chosen it for mothers;

Butterfly-pea flower is well known for its strong blue pigment. It is said to reduce stress and inflammation, aids sleep, enhances memory and improves skin and hair due to high levels of bioflavonoids. It also stimulates collagen production which further improves the appearance of skin.


Below are the ingredients of the "Shine Bright like A Diamond.." 30ml face serum;

frankincense blue tansy copaiba lavender avocado oil jojoba oil

aids with soothing & nourishing

apply after face has been cleansed

use as a night time face serum

suitable for all skin type


Below are the ingredients of the complimentary "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.." 10ml roller;

grapeseed oil & lavender essential oil

apply onto behind ears

inner wrists & neck

ready to use lavender oil blend

lavender is known to aid in many areas such as for relaxation, emotional support, nausea


Instructions & ingredients are printed on the labels of our oil blends.

Printed Card on how to enjoy the Butterfly Blue Pea Tea will also be included in the kit.



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Mother's Day Self Care Kit

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