10ml Roller Bottle - No customised label options as all labels are pre-printed at a shop.


I realised the importance of focusing on emotions and self-care when I started this journey in my new career that involves mainly caring for the well-being of others. And so, I read, research, blended a series of oils meant for the wellness of emotions & mental health. Sometimes, we forget that our emotions are the ones that we need to care for the most by ourselves because it is often abused, underestimated or undercared for. And so, when we feel the most alone & lonely & need some self-care, this series of oils are meant to help provide some comfort and relief. Did I also mention that they're perfect as roller perfume which you can apply whenever needed? Yes! They're too pretty to be kept in your bags all the time, so just take them out, show them off & apply! Who needs alcohol based perfume when you can oil based perfume?! 


Instructions are also not labelled on the bottle to maximise the gradient outlook of the bottle. 

This means that you can apply them wherever you want! But don't forget to apply at the usual vital places as per instructions below.


As much as essential oils should be kept in amber glass bottle, research has also shown that as long as good quality essential oils and a longer shelf life carrier oil are used, the quality of the oils will still be as effective. Due to the gradient colour of the bottle, we highly recommend to use the oils within 3 months and kept away from direct sun and heat. 


Do take note that the bottle colour will be randomly picked and that we do not allow the choosing of the bottle colour as that will cause certain colours to be in excess and some insufficient. We truly hope you understand this.

Avocado Oil
Bergamot Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil
Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Apply to temples, neck, inner wrists, behind the ears. 

Apply whenever needed!