Our popular reed diffuser are back in stock, in very limited quantities at the moment (note: only 1 per fragrance at the moment). We've also sourced for better quality fragrance oil and worked on the quality of the reed diffuser overall.

Reed diffusers are a great way to add subtle
constant fragrance to your home or work desk. The diffuser reeds soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air. They last until all the fragrance oil evaporates. Reed diffusers work really well in places where you always want it to smell nice but can't keep an eye on a candle. When you walk in, or in a walk in wardrobe room, closet or home entrance where you always want it to smell nice but you can't always keep an eye on a candle.

Our reed diffusers may contain minimal drops of alcohol to help bind the oil & quicken the evaporating process.

The Home Diffuser Kit will consist of the following:
- 1 x 120ml reed diffuser oil
- 1 x 30ml diffuser refill
- 2 sets of 5 reed sticks (design & colour may vary, according to what is available).

This definitely will make a wonderful home gift for yourself or your friends. Heck, this will be a wonderful gift for any occasion!

I recommend reading up on the differences between fragrance oils and essential oils before purchasing.

Fragrance Oils
Fragrance oils are synthetic products and therefore do not possess the natural healing properties of essential oils. Fragrance oils are essentially a "pleasant" aroma, and many modern perfumes are created using fragrance oils. It is possible to create almost any aroma in a fragrance oil, unlike an essential oil, which is extracted from a plant.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are natural products extracted in a number of ways from plants; however, all plants do not contain essential oils. Essential oils extracted from plants contain aromatic properties used as remedies for a number of problems. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy practice to help ease muscle pain, emotional problems, menstrual issues, skin problems, arthritis and more, according to author Julia Lawless in her book "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils."

You can read more at http://www.livestrong.com/article/74592-differences-between-essential-oils-/

Do also take note that Fragrance Oils' aroma is stronger.

How to Use Our Reed Diffusers

1. Place the sticks that came with your reed diffuser into the bottle to absorb the diffuser oil.
2. Flip sticks so that the "dry" side of the sticks is now closest to the bottle and the saturated end is in the air.
3. Place unsaturated (dry) end of the sticks into the bottle.
4. Let your reed diffuser naturally permeate your space. Reed diffusers will continue to evaporate into the air, creating a subtle and luxurious scent.

To refresh the fragrance of the reed diffuser, simply repeat steps 2-4.

Flip Sticks for More Scent

If you want to increase the scent, just flip the sticks. Please remember to always flip diffuser reed sticks over a paper towel and to wipe bottle so no oil drips onto your table/surface. And less sticks mean less scent

Reed Diffusers Replace Candles

Did you know fire codes for offices, apartments, dorms etc. make candles illegal to use? Our customers enjoy legally using reed diffusers in restricted places where candles are not allowed. Reed diffusers are a great way to enhance the smell of a room without an open flame. In fact, diffuser essential oils are flammable so keep away from open flames.

Parents Should Keep Diffusers Out Of Reach From Children

Diffusers are meant to stand up and to be left untouched. If kids are around diffusers, please keep the diffusers higher and out of reach. Spilled diffusers can damage table surfaces. Diffuser oils should not be ingested. Thank you for protecting your furniture and children from possibly harmful Diffuser oils.

Please Remember

Diffuser essential oils are flammable, do not light and keep away from open flame. - Do not ingest essential oils - Diffusers contain essential oils and will stain wood surfaces. Always wipe clean the bottom of your bottle before setting on any surface.

Last but not least, enjoy!

Home Reed Diffuser - 120ml