We are all about gifting with thoughts and intentions without breaking a bank. What better way than to say you love your dad by helping them to ease their body aches and tensions after a long,hard day at work. A very similar version of our favourite Muscle Relaxer but at a slightly more affordable price, Muscle Revival is set to still work as equally great! Daddy Muscle Revival in 10ml Roller Bottle contains Wintergreen,Peppermint, Clove Bud and Black Pepper with Grapeseed Oil. Definitely rooting for this to be a favourite gift for daddy; fancy, affordable and useful all at once.


Take note that even if you only order 1 item for Father's Day gifting, we will still packing it in a brown kraft box with a box label! Add a customise message item to the cart as well if you require a note to go along! 


All Father's Day orders will be sent via your mode of selected delivery (Qexpress Courier OR Ninjapack between 17th to 20th June) so that you will receive it timely.

Daddy Muscle Revival