We love all things non-nasties, and what's one thing that most fathers use daily? 

Hair gel, hair wax, commercial pomade, etc.


This one that we have created exclusively for Father's Day is made with Peppermint, Cedarwood & Blood Orange along with Vegetable Glycerine Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter & Arrowroot Powder. This is a muted version of a balm, slightly less oilier but great for adding texture and volume to daddy's hair.


Best part, the essential oils inside are known to have promoting hair growth properties!


How is this not something that most dads need?! 


Literally gifting them food for their hair and taking care of their wellbeing with something non-nasties!


Take note that even if you only order 1 item for Father's Day gifting, we will still packing it in a brown kraft box with a box label! Add a customise message item to the cart as well if you require a note to go along! 


All Father's Day orders will be sent via your mode of selected delivery (Qexpress Courier OR Ninjapack between 17th to 20th June) so that you will receive it timely.

Daddy Good Hair Light Styling Balm