Customised roller are great as a roller oil perfume which does not contain any alcohol or act as a natural remedy for a particular need you have in mind. 

This has been a popular request amongst customers who wants to create their own rollers. And I believe EFQ is the first to provide such a fuss-free customisation option!
If you have always wanted a roller oil of your own, here's the chance for you to have it customised to your preference, including the name of the label which we will do for you, complimentary on us.

For example, you may want to state.. "Mysha's Magic Oil" and that is exactly what we will print the label as. 

Do take note of the following conditions/disclaimer for customised roller:

1) We are not responsible for the outcome of the oil blend (eg, you do not like the scent or you do not know the use of the blend) and will not do any refund/return.

2) You should have already read up and have sufficient knowledge on the oils you wish to have in the roller and its benefits before purchasing. 

3) The default instruction guide for usage is the usual application on neck, behind ears and wrists. You may apply it anywhere else you deem appropriate and useful.

4) If the oils that you have indicated is unavailable, we will inform you to either request a change in the oil or a delay/extension in delivering the roller as we might need to source for the oil.

4) If you have selected the baby or kids friendly version, you need to ensure that the oils indicated are baby or kids friendly as per your research and reading. 

5) If you need it to be a baby or kids-friendly version, please kindly select accordingly. The amount of essential oil drops for baby and kids friendly version will be blended according to age group- appropriate.

6) It is your responsibility to indicate your oils and names as accurately as possible in order to ease the process of creating a customised roller for you.

Each bottle will contain 60 drops of 3 essential oils (only for the adult version) and free personalisation of your name or your friends'!

Just indicate between 3 to 5 rollers that you wish to have and add to cart! If there isn't enough space, you may indicate your request in the comment box at checkout as well.


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