Available in 200g jar


Bath salts/is a bright and aromatic treat for bath lovers and newbies alike!

They are great for exfoliating, moisturising and healing.

The best part? You will smell so good that you will feel good too!


Customised batch bath salts are made to order for maximum freshness and are created with natural ingredients and quality therapeutic graded essential oils.


These are perfect as gifts for friends, bridesmaids, family, and yourself! 


How to use:
Drizzle the salt mixture into your warm running bath water. (Feel free to use as much as you like!)

Soak in it for as long as you like!

If you are using as a body scrub, take a sufficient amount from the jar and scrub along!

You can use it as a foot soak too! A warm tub of water with the bath salts and soak your feet in it!


Base Ingredients

Epsom Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt

French Celtic Sea Salt

MICA Powder (Non-Toxic Silicate Mineral for Colouring)

Customised Bath Salts Body Scrub - 200g