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If you are fairly new to using essential oils, then this kit of 4 rollers for your baby is for you!

We have put together the 4 essential rollers for starters! This kit is ideal if you want to give essential oil remedy a try or for travelling!

This kit consists of:
1 x 10ml Fever Relief
1 x 10ml Baby's Tummy Relief (For tummy issues/colic/gassy)
1 x 10ml Counting Sheep, Baby (For bedtime - relaxation)
1 x 10ml Breathe Easy, Baby (For flu, phlegm & cough relief)

All rollers will be the baby version.

They come in a kraft box, tied with ribbon, which also means you can purchase them as a gift for someone with no hassle!

These rollers would be $43 for 4 rollers if you purchase them individually.

Buying in a kit of 4 means you will be getting them at $40 only!

You can now also get label name customisation for all roller bottles and box at additional $3 instead of $5!

Baby's Starter Kit (4 Rollers)

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