Monochrome with a pop of colour collaboration with Two Designs SG Poppetry Shop which produces these acrylic cut banner, perfect for instagram-worthy nursery! 


These acrylic cut banner are available in two options;

Love you to the moon and back 


Dream big little one


Such lovely quotes for our kids to grow up with!


And as a mum myself, I'm conscious to know that germs linger around with our kids touching everywhere and everything. Therefore, similarly to how we always sanitise the kids' hand before they play in indoor playground, sanitising their hands before they play in their room is a great solution to reduce the spread of germs especially if you cannot afford to wash your toys on a weekly basis. This is also a great habit to inculcate in our little ones; cleaning their hands!

Therefore an accompanying 30ml mist, "Fresh & Clean", is included as part of this baby nursery kit! Perfect to place them in their nursery, grab and spray onto their hands before they start picking up their toys! 

This package will consists of the following:
- a 20cm by 28cm Acrylic Banner in 2 options
- a 30ml Fresh & Clean Sanitising Mist

- Complimentary Customised Box Name Label

- Delivery to Doorstep

(As the box is big, we can only deliver this via courier and not smartpac. Please select Self Collect at checkout)

The mist contains the following ingredients:
Vegetable Glycerine Oil, Distilled Water, Non-Alcohol Witch Hazel
Thieves, Lemon, Lavender, Purification & Melaleuca


This is another great gift option for your friends and families, either for baby showers, birthday presents, christmas or simply for the joy of giving.

Discount codes (EFQGREEN) is not applicable for this order.

You may purchase this package on its own or as part of your EssentialsforQ orders.
Just leave us a comment at checkout if there are any other instructions.

Baby Nursery Kit EFQxTwoDesign

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